Community Noticeboard - Planning Update (Sept 18)

Community Noticeboard - Planning Update (Sept 18)

Community Update – Statement from Jennifer Turner

Please find a statement below from Jennifer Turner:

“Planning Application Resubmission Statement

I am very pleased to confirm that we have now submitted an amended planning application for a new community centre and an attractive and well-designed housing development. The proposed housing development is necessary to provide the funding for the new Community Centre. The design of the new Community Centre is entirely the product of a consultation process with the user groups which was commenced long before my involvement and I am just pleased to be in a position to offer a solution to help deliver the new Community Centre.

Our planning application resubmission has addressed the request for more detailed information on some aspects of the original application and made adjustments to others. As some questions were raised very late in the process earlier this year, it was important to take time to get everything right.

Because we have been able to put this plan together with Rowland Homes, a locally based company who produce the highest quality housing, we are able to present an excellent bespoke plan, in total contrast to, and at far lower density than that of any other recent plans put forward in the area by larger national firms.

During this process, I have been surprised to gain the impression that low density does not seem to be especially valued. I personally, however, believe there is a need for some new builds provided with more generous gardens and good planting schemes. The scheme we have worked with Rowland Homes to design provides an excellent variety of housing types to accommodate a range of local needs. It has over 150 trees on the main site and a generous swathe of open space, not including my own plans for extra woodland planting on the adjacent retained land. The density of the housing plan is far lower than other new build schemes that have previously been approved in the area.

We also have been able to include an unusually high number of bungalows which not only makes our plan sympathetic with the estate opposite on Daub Hall Lane, but also provides a housing type suitable for elderly or disability needs, of which there is a significant lack in the area or in other comparable new proposals.

It had always been hoped that grant funding from sports or other organisations would be found to bridge the gap between the excellent fundraising efforts of the last few years and the inevitably high cost of building a new facility for future generations to enjoy. Sadly, all attempts to qualify for such funding in what is not perceived to be an area of deprivation or special need, have proved fruitless. The path of linking funding of a local facility through a planned development has been a successful solution in other areas, such as Weeton on the Fylde and the award winning Livesey Branch Road project in Blackburn.

I have been told it is highly unusual for any owner of land to be actively involved in design and consultation of a planning application, and it is easy to see why people usually prefer to stay in the background. But I have insisted from the start that I would only progress this proposal if we could deliver a good quality plan. We have done exactly that and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with such a good team.

Jennifer Turner.”

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