Proposed Development - Interesting Facts

Proposed Development - Interesting Facts

Facts of interest

There is not enough money currently in the charity funds to build a new community centre even if we just replaced like with like.

We definitely do not have over £300,000 in the Charity funds. We want to build a new centre, that will last us for the next 100 plus years, not just another wooden building that would need to be replaced in 50 years.

The sports teams have not been allocated £60,000 for new changing rooms

The proposed new community centre will be just that – not a cricket pavilion, not a wedding venue, or business centre, just a community centre available for hire as the current one is. However, as the new proposed centre would have modern, all-inclusive ground floor facilities etc., it would be more attractive for local residents to hire it for their family celebrations. These could include wedding receptions and birthday parties.

The changing rooms for the sports teams will be a separate area to that of the main hall with its own toilet facilities and will not encroach on other users of the hall. It will also have storage area to accommodate all the sports and charity equipment, that is currently stored in the various sheds next to the centre.

The proposed new centre is only classed as a 2 storey building because the mezzanine storage area at one end of the hall will be accessed by a fixed staircase, rather than a pull down loft ladder, which will make the access to retrieve and return items much safer for users.

Because of the inclusion of the changing rooms and storage facilities, and disabled toilets, to ensure the hall is fully accessible to all members of the community, the proposed hall is obviously going to be larger than the current one.

We already hold all the necessary licences for the current facilities including the sale of alcohol, public entertainment, performance of plays, music and dancing.

The charity is a non-profit organisation, therefore, we only have to raise sufficient funds to cover costs. The ongoing upkeep of a new energy efficient centre will be affordable and sustainable from current rental income and the income generated from continuation of the community events that are so enjoyed by many of our local residents.

There are at least 600 adults and children who use the current centre regularly each month. In addition, there are 8 sports teams, (4 football and 4 cricket teams) and football coaching. Including matches and training sessions over 170 children and adults use the sports facilities on a regular basis.

The hall is also used for private events, such as children’s parties, and other charity fundraising events, plus our own charity fundraising events which average at least one a month.

At the large scale community events we around 1,500 to 2,000 people attending. At the smaller indoor fundraising events a minimum of 50 people and often more than 70 to 100 attendees. This equates to at a very conservative estimate of at least 12,000 people using the centre in any one year.

There are no approved plans for an alternative smaller community centre. There is very limited space to expand on the existing footprint and we would not be able to include the changing rooms and much needed storage, resulting in the changing rooms and storage facilities remaining in their current place. This would not permit the development of a much needed larger car park.
From the outset of our fundraising campaign, it has never been the intention to build on the existing footprint of the current community centre. We have a legal agreement with SRBC, that the current centre cannot be demolished until a new centre has been built. Therefore, the current centre will remain in operation whilst a new centre is built.

The only reason the cricket team have not played on the park this year, is because following the drainage works, the cricket square was totally resurfaced. Hence the reason it has been fenced off all summer. Due to the weather the new square was not ready in time to be used for the season.

(October 2018)

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