Updates from the AGM - Including a possible option for a replacement centre

Updates from the AGM - Including a possible option for a replacement centre

Updates and notes from Gregson Green’s Annual General Meeting 

The following information was delivered at Gregson Green’s AGM, an event that took place at the Community Centre on Thursday 13th January 2022.

Please see below a short presentation that was delivered at the AGM about a possible option for a replacement community centre.

Please click here to open the presentation PDF.

Presentation Notes

The Trustees and Steering group have been revisiting all possible options to replace the community centre. The green changing rooms are to be updated and upgraded with some new cabins in the near future. This means that we could build a smaller hall without changing rooms.

The centre is within walking distance of many local residents by those who do not have transport such as young mums or elderly residents and we are non-denominational and is the key community centre in the village

Some of our regular user groups have used the centre for many years, Toddlers, WI, guides, cricket, it is an election venue and hosts many children’s parties but for some people access is limited and the existing buildings do not meet current regulations for energy efficiency and the required user standards for disabled

The centre has served this community well but it will not last much longer and we need a more environmentally friendly building without asbestos and more energy efficient and more pleasing to the eye to look at. The appearance of the current building does little to enhance the playing fields that surrounds them.

It is a popular area and place to live, people want to move into the area. We have a strong community spirit, community events are well attended and supported and we need to retain and build on this for the future, we do not want the village to become a community where interaction is limited and in this the community centre has a vital role to play. What covid has shown us is that we need to try and address the issues we face locally such as loneliness and digital support. We might not be in an area of deprivation etc but our community will still have issues.

The population of the area and surrounding areas is increasing (Brindle Road, Olive Farm) and will expect continue to increase in the future. Population for Gregson Lane and Coupe green ward is 4271 (all ages) with 609 of those being single households

A new centre that complies with regulations and has better facilities will create better access opportunities so more people can use it.

What are our options?

Ideal/preferred option would be a brick built building sited on the edge of the field, the existing building would remain in place until the new building was demolished and then would become extra car parking spaces. This would mean the users would not be disrupted and the centre would be located in a better area for terms of security and safety and would enable full view of the children’s playground and would last for many years into the future

However on the downside the cost to build even without changing rooms is likely to be over £600,000 to £800,000 and would take 9 – 12 months to build. If built in the same location as existing centre, no groups for 12 months, and we are still a long way off having enough money to undertake this.

Another option we have explored is a modular build. The advantages of this type of build are the construction and erection time is much reduced. Most of it would be built offsite then the modules delivered and erected, so a new building could be up and running in around 3months. Cost is much less around £350,000 to £400,000, but that would include internal fittings, etc.

On the downside their lifespan is not the same as a brick built building, it would give us a new centre now but the problem of replacement would be the same in the future. It could go in the same location but slightly bigger, fully compliant with regulations, its appearance would be an improvement on what we have now and would be energy efficient but we would still have a flat roof.

They last for up to 50 years can be added to, it takes about 2 weeks to build in the factory and they deliver to the sites and they are placed in position by crane and joined together and that only takes a couple of days, whole job expected to take no longer than 10-12 weeks, for example if started in June we should have a new centre open in September. Still have to have planning permission etc still need money to build.

Some of us have visited Hesketh Bank to view a centre that has been built recently by this method, please watch the video below for a tour of their centre and to see the scope of their development.

Share your thoughts with us…

We are welcoming any feedback from local residents and the community on this initial proposal, please get in touch via our website or send us a message on our Facebook page.

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